Whilst some elements of the print industry have declined, many others have changed beyond recognition, creating new opportunities and challenges in this dynamic market. As a result, investment in new and different equipment is vital to keep up with changing technology and customer demands. The flexible payment structures in our product range can help to facilitate that.

Print assets we typically lend on

With our asset finance options, we can lend on a wide range of machinery and equipment – as well as vehicles and other high value assets. We can also help unlock some of the cash tied up in assets, so businesses can invest elsewhere.

We can offer asset finance on a wide range of printing equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Cut Sheet Toner Machines
  • Cutting Tables
  • Digital Printing Equipment
  • Duplo Machines
  • Inkjet Presses
  • Large Format Printing Equipment
  • Print Finishing Equipment
  • Printing Presses