Customer Success Story: Swift Solutions Meeting Surging Demand

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Author: Paul FazakerleyPublished: 10 Jul 2024

The Challenge

In a fast-paced market, our customer faced the pressing need to rejuvenate their ageing inventory and expand their stock to meet the escalating demands of their clientele. The urgency was paramount; they needed a partner who could move quickly and efficiently to enable their growth.

Our Solution

Rising to the occasion, we facilitated the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment, including 10 new Zoomlion scissor lifts, a Sinoboom Electric scissor lift, and four Dingli aerial work platforms. Understanding the financial pressures businesses often face, we tailored a financial package that offered a mere 10% deposit along with a 3-month VAT deferral, aligning seamlessly with our customer's specific needs. Remarkably, this entire process was completed within an impressive 24-hour timeframe.

The Outcome

This swift action led to a £124,222 advance for a new entrant to IBAF's portfolio—a well-established business specialising in the hire of access platforms. This strategic move not only allowed them to bolster their inventory in response to demand but also ensured they could secure these vital assets promptly.

Our commitment to rapid credit decisions was a key enabler, demonstrating our dedication to supporting businesses in harnessing opportunities without delay.

This case exemplifies our ethos of empowering growth and addressing customer needs with agility and precision. It's a testament to the partnerships we build and the lengths we go to ensure our clients can rise to meet their market challenges head-on.

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